HPE Synergy SY480 Gen10 Server

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Description: HPE Synergy SY480 Gen10: The latest generation of two-way Intel platform blade modules, support GPU, suitable for various general computing scenarios.

Product Overview

Product Features

Plasticization, software defined

HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 compute modules come in 1S and 2S form factors, support the full range of Intel Xeon Scalable processors, and provide a variety of options for capacity, efficiency and flexibility to support most workloads.


Plasticized computing resources can realize intelligent automatic discovery, easy configuration and seamless management

Synergy's plasticity simplifies IT operation and maintenance and reduces the cost of over-provisioning. RESTful APIs and integration with an ecosystem of plasticized infrastructure partners provide a wide range of options for third-party integration to protect key existing investments.


Ideal performance for general-purpose workloads

The HPE Synergy Gen10 compute module has 1 or 2 processors (up to 205 watts), which is a 25% increase in performance compared to the previous generation. Provides various memory capacities for registered and low-load DDR4 DIMMs, speeding up memory speed by 11%. Increase computing and network connection speeds by 2.5 times to speed up your data where needed. Random read performance of IOPS in the storage controller is improved by up to 50%. With HPE graphics acceleration options and expansion modules, up to 768 concurrent knowledge workers can be supported in a 10U space to drive large VDI workloads.


Flexible and safe

The HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 computing module provides a flexible enterprise solution that enables IT departments to quickly and calmly implement changes through smart, template-based operations, thereby reducing downtime and errors caused by manual operations. The hardware root of trust provides reliable threat protection, coupled with a special trust architecture chain to protect, detect and restore firmware.


Intelligent system adjustment can provide stable performance and adapt to customer workload

Up to 3 mezzanine options with I/O flexibility to meet the redundancy required by high-availability applications. Each storage controller has up to 200 disk drives, and the hybrid RAID/HBA smart array makes your investment in the controller more effective.

Product specifications

Number of processors

Max 2

Processor type

Intel Xeon Scalable Processor, Bronze 3100/3200 series Silver-4100/4200 series, Gold-5100/5200, 6100/6200 series, Platinum-8100/8200 series; support 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 , 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 core processors.

Expansion slot

3 x 16x PCIe 3.0 Mezzanine slots

Memory slot

24 DIMMs

Memory type

DDR4-2933MHz, memory protection function advanced ECC; memory mirroring mode; online memory backup mode

Network controller

Synergy 3820C 10/20Gb converged network adapter

HPE Synergy 6810C 25/50Gb Ethernet card

HPE Synergy 2820C 10Gb Converged Network Adapter

Fiber Card

Synergy 3830C 16Gb Fiber Card

Synergy 3530C 16Gb Fiber Card

Synergy 5330C 32Gb Fiber Card

Synergy 5830C 32Gb Fiber Card


2 SFF SAS/SATA/SSD bays, support uFF

Disk Controller

HPE Smart Array Software RAID S100i Gen10 Array Card

HPE Smart Array P416ie-m SR Gen10 12G SAS array card, supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60, 1 ADM, 10 ADM

Mezzanine drawing card

NVIDIA Tesla P6 Mezzanine graphics card

NVIDIA Quadro M3000SE Mezzanine graphics card

Multi-GPU graphics card

NVIDIA Tesla P6 Multi MXM graphics card

M3000SE Multi MXM graphics card

Full size chart

HPE NVIDIA Tesla P40 GPU graphics card

HPE NVIDIA Quadro RTX6000 GPU graphics card

NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU graphics card

Internal interface

MicroSD slot, M.2 interface, USB3.0 interface

Module appearance

Half height (width x depth x height) 63.5 x 214 x 600 mm


8.16 kg

Applicable chassis

Synergy 12000 chassis, 10U height, supports 12 Synergy 480 Gen10 computing modules

Infrastructure management

HPE Synergy Composer powered by HPE OneView, HPE iLO, HPE Image Streamer optional


Three-year 7X24X4 service, including three-year component repair, three-year manual repair, three-year on-site support service, and four-hour door-to-door service.

Warranty Information

Three-year 7X24X4 service, including three-year component repair, three-year manual repair, three-year on-site support service, and four-hour door-to-door service.