HPE Synergy 12000 Server

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Description: HPE Synergy 12000: Plastic infrastructure toolbox, 10U height supports 12 2-way blades, 6 4-way blades, 6 network interconnection module slots, and up to five frame cascading for flexible expansion.

Product Overview

Product Features

Optimize applications and service levels

The innovative architecture of the HPE Synergy 12000 toolbox has become a plastic infrastructure (CI), which can meet the flexible use of computing, storage and network/structural resources by the HPE intelligent management software architecture. These functions are provided to users in the form of "infrastructure as code".

The combination of hardware flexibility and embedded intelligence can automatically discover various available resources for rapid deployment and use. Through the configuration file template defined in the software to shape the management hardware, computing, storage and structural resources can be quickly reshaped to meet any workload requirements. Operations using a single frame can be extended to large environments with multiple devices. Smart frame link technology can be easily expanded from a single HPE Synergy 12000 knife box to multiple frames by using HPE frame link modules and HPE Synergy Composer (built-in HPE OneView).


Accelerate application and service delivery, thereby speeding up deployment

The HPE Synergy 12000 toolbox provides automatic discovery for rapid deployment. The flexible design also allows you to customize multiple types of computing, storage, and structural components in multiple configurations to meet your workload requirements.

Through the simple operation process and the intelligent HPE Synergy 12000 toolbox design, the hardware installation is simplified, and the time for installation, commissioning and inventory checking during the installation process can be shortened. In the limited access mode, technicians are also instructed to correct installation errors.

The high-bandwidth backplane (over 16Tb/sec) can help you perform smoothly on today's data-intensive applications and the new generation of mobile-first, cloud-native applications. This design also uses a true passive midplane to ensure highly reliable operation. Moreover, it is also ready for the realization of photonic applications!


Reduce operation and maintenance work and costs, thereby improving work efficiency

The HPE Synergy 12000 toolbox monitors the operating status by automatically reporting system or domain resources, installation information, and operating status. The HPE Synergy Composer management device (built-in HPE OneView) updates the status through the HPE framework link module.

Using a dedicated data network (separated from the management network) with a redundant path configuration can safely handle the update of the beta component software set. HPE Synergy out-of-band management provides 10Gbps dedicated bandwidth, which helps to improve security and strengthen control.

The HPE Synergy 12000 knife box is suitable for data centers with AC or DC power supplies. The 10U form factor of the HPE Synergy toolbox also fits most standard racks and can be connected to industry standard power sources for quick and easy installation.


Improve work efficiency and control capabilities to unlock more value

The HPE Synergy 12000 knife box provides a full range of air gap management (control) and data (production) networks to improve data efficiency and management security. The isolation of data and management traffic helps prevent denial of service attacks and improves security controls. A single management domain can control multiple HPE Synergy toolboxes and present them as a whole. This can significantly reduce management uplink connections in large environments. Each HPE Synergy 12000 knife box contains an automated cooling system that can simultaneously dissipate heat for current components and future high-temperature versions. HPE Synergy's design has room for thermal expansion without affecting component operation, ensuring that your workload achieves peak utilization.


Synergy 12000 frame technical specifications




12 half-height calculation modules, 6 full-height calculation modules, 5 storage modules


6pcs 2650W single-phase AC hot-swappable titanium power supplies, 96% efficiency; or 6 2650W high-voltage DC hot-swappable power supplies.

Heat dissipation

10 fans

Number of exchange modules

Support 6 redundant switch module slots

SAS switch module

HPE Synergy 12Gb SAS Connection Module




HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 main switch module

HPE Virtual Connect SE 100Gb F32 main switch module

HPE SYNERGY 40GB F8 main switch module

HPE Synergy 10Gb Satellite Interconnect Module
HPE Synergy 20Gb Satellite Interconnect Module

HPE Synergy 50Gb Satellite Interconnect Module

HPE Synergy 10Gb Pass-Thru pass-through module

FC switch module

Brocade 16Gb/12 Fibre Channel SAN Switch*

Brocade 16Gb/24 Fibre Channel SAN Switch*

Brocade 32Gb Fibre Channel SAN Switch

HPE Synergy Virtual Connect SE 32Gb FC Switch

HPE Virtual Connect SE 16Gb Fibre Channel Switch

Frame link

Support 2 redundant frame link modules


Synergy Composer (built-in OneView)

Synergy Image Streamer optional


Tool-free maintenance


Three-year 7X24X4 service, including three-year component repair, three-year manual repair, three-year on-site support service, and four-hour door-to-door service.


Warranty Information

Three-year 7X24X4 service, including three-year component repair, three-year manual repair, three-year on-site support service, and four-hour door-to-door service.