HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 Server

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Description: HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 server is a high-density, 4-way high-performance server that achieves high scalability and reliability in a 2U chassis.

Product Overview

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Provides four-way performance in a compact 2U form factor

The HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 server provides 4-way computing density in a 2U space, supports 4 Intel® Xeon platinum (8x00 series) and gold (6x00 and 5x00 series) processors, and improves processing performance by up to

68%, the number of computing cores increased by 27%.

The 48DIMM slot supports up to 6TB 2933MT/s DDR4 HPE smart memory. HPE DDR4 smart memory can effectively improve workload performance and power efficiency, while reducing data loss and downtime, and enhancing error handling capabilities.

HPE FlexibleLOM adapters provide a full range of Ethernet (1GbE to 25GbE) and high-speed networks (40Gb to 100Gb) to meet the ever-changing and growing business needs of customers.

Using the jitter smoothing algorithm, HPE's innovative intelligent system tuning can optimize performance and internal resources according to customer demand workloads; improve throughput for all workloads, including delay-sensitive workloads such as high-frequency transactions.


Next-generation scalability and reliability for multi-workload computing

The HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 server has a flexible processor bay that allows expansion from 2 to 4 processors when needed, saving upfront costs. The flexible hard drive cage design supports 24 SFF SAS/SATA hard drives, up to 12 NVMe drive.

It supports up to 8 full-height standard PCIe 3.0 expansion slots, supports graphics processing units (GPU) and network cards, and provides enhanced I/O bandwidth and scalability.

Up to four 96% efficiency 800W or 1600W HPE Flex slot power supplies, providing high-power redundant configuration and flexible voltage range. Can flexibly choose to configure 2+2 redundant power supplies or use additional PCIe slots.


Safety and reliability

HPE is the only manufacturer that directly solidifies the main firmware of industry standard servers in silicon. Security protection is established in the entire server life cycle starting from trusted silicon.

Millions of lines of firmware code start to run before the server operating system starts, and with runtime firmware verification, through the advanced high-end security version of iLO, the server's important firmware is checked for validity and credibility every 24 hours.

After detecting the code damage, the security recovery allows the server firmware to roll back to the last normal state or factory setting state.

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) provides additional security options to prevent unauthorized server access. When the server cover is opened, it will record the intrusion detection device log and issue an alarm.


Agile infrastructure management accelerates IT service delivery

Using HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 servers, HPE OneView provides automation with simplified infrastructure management capabilities across servers, storage, and networks.

Provides a set of embedded and downloadable tools for server lifecycle management, including unified extensible firmware interface (UEFI), smart configuration, HPE iLO 5 provides monitoring and management, iLOAmplifier Pack, BUM (Smart Update Manager) and SPP (ProLiant Service Pack) provides smart updates.


HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 server

Processor family: Intel®Xeon®Scalable 8x00 series/6x00 series/5x00 series

Processor core: 28/26/24/22/20/18/16/14/12/8/6/4

Processor cache: 13.75MB L3 /16.50MB L3 /19.25MB L3 /22.00MB L3 /24.75MB L3 /27.50MB L3 /30.25MB L3

/33.00MB L3 /35.75MB L3 /38.50MB L3

Processor frequency: up to 3.6GHz

Power supply type: up to 4 HPE Flexible Slot power supplies, support 800W/1600W, 94%/96% energy efficiency, support 220VAC/240VDC/336VDC/48VDC

Expansion slots: up to 8 full-height PCIe 3.0 slots

Memory: Maximum 3.0/6.0TB*, proper processor is required

Memory slots: up to 48 DIMM slots

Memory type: HPE DDR4 smart memory, 2933MT/s, supports 24 NVDIMM (Skylake), or 24 DCPMM (CascadeLake)

System fan: standard 6 redundant hot-swappable fans

Network card: Optional FlexibleLOM network card or PCIe network card, support 1GbE/10GbE/25GbE/40GbE/100GbE/IB/OPA

Storage Controller: HPE Smart Array S100i / HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 Controller / HPE Smart Array P816i-a SR

Gen10 controller, optional other controllers, support Raid 0/1(ADM)/10(ADM)/5/50/6/6, see technical specifications

Interface: 9 USB ports (5 3.0, 4 2.0, 2 of which are optional), 2 video ports (1 optional), 1 serial port (optional)

1 MicroSD, support dual MicroSD components

Environment: ASHRAE A3 and A4 (limited configuration), standard support 10℃ ~ 35℃, A3: 5 ~ 40℃; A4: 5 ~ 45℃

Appearance (W×D×H) rack-mounted (2U), 44.55×75.47×8.75 cm

Weight: 34.12 kg in full configuration

Infrastructure management: HPE iLO Standard Edition with smart configuration, HPE OneView Standard Edition (download required), HPE iLO Advanced Edition, HPE iLO Advanced Security Edition, HPE OneView Advanced Edition (optional, authorization required)

Warranty: Channel sales pre-configured (BTO) model 3 years 5×9 next business day response

Project sales configure-to-order (CTO) model 3 years 7×24×4 hours service, including basic on-site installation service

Warranty Information

Channel sales pre-configured (BTO) model 3 years 5×9 next business day response, Project sales configure-to-order (CTO) model 3 years 7×24×4 hours service, including basic on-site installation service