HPE BladeSystem C7000 Server

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Description: HPE BladeSystem C7000: Traditional blade chassis, leading global sales, 10U height supports 16 2-way blades and 8 interconnect modules.

Product Overview

Product Features

The HPE BladeSystem C7000 platinum chassis is very suitable for large data centers with more dynamic environments, and supports up to 16 blade servers and storage devices.

The infrastructure of HPE Blade System C series blade server—C7000 Blade Chassis adopts a series of brand-new technologies, providing simplified management, powerful processing capacity, super network bandwidth, and more efficient power supply and heat dissipation. One C7000 blade chassis can support 16 half-height blade servers.

High performance and highly flexible network connection: C7000 can support 5 different networks-Ethernet, Fibre Channel (FC) storage area network (SAN), Infiniband network, iSCSI and SAS (Serial SCSI).

Fully redundant design: C7000 blade chassis adopts modular design, and all components support hot swap. The C7000 blade chassis backplane is a backplane with no active components at all, and a redundant link connection is used between the server and the network interconnection module to avoid the possibility of single point failure. The C7000 blade chassis uses a redundant hot-swappable cooling system composed of multiple HPE patented Active Cool fans.

Simplified initial installation and management: The innovative on-board LCD management panel can quickly complete the installation and configuration of up to 64 servers within 15 minutes. Whether it is managed locally or remotely, the wizard-style management interface can be greatly reduced Daily work, speed up the judgment and repair of faults.

Higher efficiency: Compared with 1U traditional rack-mounted servers, the power consumption is reduced by 30%, the occupied space is reduced by 40%, and the connection cable is reduced by 94%.

Modular hot-swappable components: Blade servers, storage, and other modular components can be easily added or removed without power.

Flexible management: Blade management and network connections are not limited to one blade chassis, the system can allow resource integration and sharing across blade chassis.

Integrated shared power and cooling system: The blade system can provide the best energy consumption ratio and the best cooling efficiency. The power supply can choose single-phase and three-phase alternating current.

Simple management method: The data center can be completed without complicated planning. In terms of system redundancy, power supply, cooling and management, modularly expanded servers, storage and network equipment can all be managed through a console.

Blade server bay

Support 16 half-height or 8 full-height blade servers, which can be installed in a mixed manner

Interconnect module bay

Support 8 interconnection modules


Support 6 2400W/2650W platinum version power supplies, support N + 1, N + N redundancy


Up to 10 redundant hot-swappable fans can be configured to support partitions to provide cooling resources

Onboard manager

Support 2 redundant onboard managers




445 mm (19-inch standard rack)


813 mm

Three-phase power

220V AC

Single phase power

220V AC

Low voltage DC

-48V AC


380V DC, 277V AC

Ethernet module

1Gb/10Gb/20Gb Ethernet switch module Virtual Contec virtual connection module

Virtual Contect FCOE convergent virtual connection module

Fibre Channel Module

16Gb SAN switch

8Gb SAN switch VC switching module


HPE 4X FDR IB/4XFDR IB switch module

SAS switch

6Gb SAS switch module