H3C UniServer T1100 G3 tower Server

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Description:a desktop tower server with integrated computing, display and storage, meets desktop-level silent operation conditions, is green and energy-saving, and is suitable for deployment in small and medium-sized enterprises and home office environments.

Product Overview

Product Features

For small and medium enterprises, home office and branch chain institutions

At present, there are still quite a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises or home offices that lack a real server-level IT equipment. The H3C UniServer T1100 G3 server integrates computing, display and storage to meet desktop-level silent operation conditions, green energy saving, and stable computing. With performance and massive storage capacity, it is suitable for deployment in small and medium-sized enterprises and home office environments. At the same time, it can also be the best choice for large-scale enterprise distributed sites and branch offices of chain organizations.

Safe and reliable server design, extending across borders to desktop environments

The H3C UniServer T1100 G3 server can make your business environment run on a truly secure enterprise IT platform, and the enhanced performance can easily cope with computing tasks. The data protection function is dedicated to reducing the risk of data loss, and the massive data storage capacity can help you save entry Level of funds for storage devices. The server-based and workstation-oriented design allows customers to run desktop applications and process video and audio in addition to realizing enterprise light-load computing. It can run Windows 10 operating system and support high-definition video and audio microphone interfaces. Let the server extend to the field of graphic design and home games, respond to the needs of various businesses with the efficiency and wide compatibility required by the enterprise, and make your choice beyond the first PC and workstation at an economical price. server.


Product specifications


Support 1 processor, optional Intel Xeon E3-1225v6 or Core-i3 7100 or Pentium G4560 CPU


4 memory slots, DDR4 UDIMM, up to 2400 MHz

hard disk

Up to 5 3.5-inch SATA non-hot-plug hard drives


Support RAID 0/1/10/5, optional external RAID 0/1/10/5 RAID controller

power supply

250W or 400W single power supply


4 x PCIe 3.0 slots

The internet

1Gb adaptive network port, optional external 4x1Gb network controller

Graphics card

Processor integrated nuclear display

Video audio

2xDisplay Port and 1xVGA video port, audio and microphone interface,

IO and peripherals

12 USB ports

operating system

Microsoft Windows 10 x64, Microsoft Windows Server 2016, RedHat Enterprise Linux 7, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

After-sales operation and maintenance

3 years 5*9, next business day response (NBD)

Warranty Information

3 years 5*9, next business day response (NBD)