H3C UniServer B16000 Blade Server

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Description: Brand: Domestic product H3C server Model: UniServer B16000 Features: High-performance blade server

Product Overview

Product Features:

Excellent performance

  • Supports a full range of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, a single frame supports up to 34 CPUs
  • Support M.2, NVMe SSD, Micro SD and other storage devices
  • Support multiple nodes (one-way calculation, two-way calculation, two-way storage, four-way calculation)
  • The backplane switching capacity is up to 42T, the blade server is compatible with 200GE networks, and the upstream module is compatible with 400GE networks, which can help you perform smoothly on today's data-intensive applications and the new generation of mobile-first, cloud-native applications
  • Strong environmental adaptability, working temperature can reach to 45 degrees


Intelligent management

  • Intelligent Engine System

H3C AIOS system, intelligent management cluster

The H3C SDN system automatically implements the software-defined network H3C security system, and configures network security rules on demand

  • Intelligent Management System

Automatic monitoring module, real-time monitoring of firmware information

Automatic deployment of modules, automatic discovery and management of infrastructure

Automatic life cycle management module, one-click firmware/drive upgrade

  • Intelligent inspection system

Intelligent memory inspection, reducing 95% failure rate

Intelligent power inspection, save energy and extend service life

Intelligent hard disk inspection, fault warning to protect data security

  • Bare metal virtualization

It can realize the functions of configuration collection, image production, image distribution, etc., and automatically realize server bare metal virtualization


Plastic architecture

  • Support flexible use of computing, storage and network/structural resources
  • Support pooling planning of resources
  • Single frame supports 230 hard disk sharing
  • Memory expansion, the maximum expansion of two-way service is more than 9.6T of memory


  • Support multi-plane switching and SDN intelligent networking
  • Support GE/10GE/25GE/40GE/16GE FC/IB EDR exchange
  • Support 10GE/25GE/16GE pass-through
    Stable and reliable
  • Passive backplane design allows your business to run stably
  • Using H3C's self-designed Ruiliu cooling system
  • The functional modules are fully redundant, supporting seamless switching of failures
  • Dual redundant links make the cascading between blade chassis more stable and support 8-frame cascading


 Product specifications:

Blade server

12U blade chassis

Power supply

6 hot-swappable 3000W platinum power supplies, support N + 1, N + N, N+M redundancy


12 hot-swappable dual-rotor fans, supporting N+1 redundancy


LCD screen, OM management module and AE module

Interconnect module

6 interconnect modules,Interconnect module type, Ethernet switch module,Ethernet pass-through module,Converged Network Switch Module,Fibre Channel Switch Module,Optical fiber pass-through module .


Support environmental protection, CE, CB, GS and other certifications

Operating temperature

5℃~45℃ (The operating temperature support is affected by different configurations, please refer to the detailed product technical documentation description for details)

Shape/chassis size 12U blade chassis



16 half-width blade servers or 8 full-width blade servers, supporting mixed installation


3 years, next business day response,5*9

Warranty Information

3 years, next business day response,5*9